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Mar-Mar Services Corp is a family-owned business that provides high quality residential, commercial, and Industrial cleaning services.

About us

Mar-Mar Services Corp was founded with a dream to elevate professional cleaning to a whole new level. Under the direction of proud owner Marcial Martinez, our company has thrived for over three decades. We specialize in a wide range of cleaning services, ensuring that homes, offices, and commercial spaces remain spotless and inviting.

Our Services

Window Cleaning Services


Window Cleaning

No matter how many windows need cleaning, we can do it for you. It can be outside, inside, or both.


Exterior Siding and Gutter Cleaning

Forget bothering with your dirty gutters and exterior siding let Mar-Mar Services Corp wash away the problem.


Power Washing

Power Washing for every surface that needs a deep clean. Always remember that regular maintenance can save a lot of money.


Office or home cleaning

Mar-Mar Services Corp knows how valuable your time is. We now offer housekeeping for Your house, office, or business in general


Carpet cleaning

We take care of cleaning your carpets with efficiency and quality, we will also provide you with your recommendations for its proper maintenance.


Polishing/Waxing Floors

If you are tired of those stains on your floors and they do not shine, we can take care of them. Maintain your floors bright and clean for your clients or your home.

With over 35 years of experience,

Our achievements over the years as a cleaning service company has created value to our customers.

“It has been very gratifying to provide our services to hundreds of clients, fulfilling the goals and objectives that we have set for ourselves: to be a leading company in the cleaning industry.” Marcial Martinez

“I’ve stuck with mar-mar services because their affordable and fast!”

Joliet Gomez

Naperville. IL

“Great guys, I often need my store windows cleaned due to our monthly lawn services dirtying up our windows with grass”

Miguel L.

Wheaton, IL


What our clients says about us

Join the more than 500 satisfied customers who have hired our services. Give your home or office the maintenance it deserves.

“Had an oil stain outside my restaurant, these guys made it look clean in an hour”

Joseph Capone

Aurora, IL

“Service was fast and spotless”

Richard Brims

Brookfield, IL

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Contact us to learn more about our services and specify the details to start the job. We are willing to advise you in any of your cleaning needs.

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